Panther Police Interceptor (1)

The Panther police interceptor or Coruscant police speeder, was an airspeeder utilized by the Coruscant Security Force for law enforcement operations on the planet Coruscant. It was utilized by police officers and Guardian police droids to assist in patrolling Coruscant during the Clone Wars. The Airspeeder was operated by a single pilot and could carry 3 passengers. The back compartment had bars for prisoner transport. The side of the vehicle listed the jurisdiction. The MOC has 491 pieces (without the landing gear) and is 20.8 cm long, 16 cm wide and 9 cm tall. Technical specifications Length – 5.1 meters Maximum speed – 350 km/h Armament – None Crew – 1 Driver, 3 Passengers Other systems – Flashing blue and red lights, Siren and Spotlight

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