Goa’uld Ha’tak V2.0 (2019)

Goa’uld Ha’tak V2.0 (2019) For the 25th anniversary of Stargate I decided to rebuild one of my favourite spaceship and one of my personal models (see the 2014 version). This one is much smaller, but have also major improvements over the 2014 version – the bottom inverted pyramid (see picture 2) is included & this version is able to hold the outer superstructure by itself. I built this in august but wasn’t able to take proper pictures so far, therefore I decided to post at least some render of the model to celebrate stargates birthday with my little contribution before 2019 is over. Thanks to my good friend Hannes, who stepped in again for editing some last-minute shots 🙂 Instructions are avaiable. Please contact k.walter@calderaner.de for purchase or further information.

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