UCS UT-60D U-Wing

Rogue One is one of my favorite SW movie. And one of the reason I love it is the design of the ships. They don’t simply dig out old concept art from McQuarrie, they create new ones which fits perfectly in the SW universe. So naturally I needed them in my collection, 75155 is cool, and with a little mod it’s awesome but it require UCS level design. And here’s the result. Parts : 3006 Dimension : 86 x 30 x 14 cm (closed wings) Dimension : 79 x 110 x 14 cm (open wings) As always it’s the first version, I need to build it and make sure it work before releasing the files (for free of course). I’m not convinced by the color scheme of the 75155, I think blue and yellow give a flashy and new look. I used dark blue and tan and avoided giving to much details to keep a sleek look. I still need to build the landing gear and adapt a seat for K2. There’s no locking system for the Wings right now. The blue squadron color scheme should follow.

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