SHID2: Electric Boogaloo (SHIDtember2019)

SHIDtember’s back, baby! 5yrs ago today I posted The 8-Belle. Today I give you the Jovian Confederation ship JCS New Belfast, light tactical carrier. Dual hangar bays with control tower, quad engine nacelles, main bridge, and multiple sensor systems. 108 studs (Duplo studs!), 67.5″/171.5cm. 100% Duplo; all SNOT is Duplo: no System or Toolo bricks, all parts are connected via studs (no “gravity connections”). She’s mostly stable sitting on the table, but she wants to collapse under her own weight (she’s a big girl); NOT swooshable. The stands are not built into the ship. It took about 20hrs to build. No preplan, just a huge pile of Duplo and go! More pics in my Duplo album.

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