\”Confess, Fletch\” Review

Confess, Fletch: Directed by Greg Mottola. With Lorenza Izzo, Jon Hamm, Anna Osceola, Marcia Gay Harden. After becoming the prime suspect in multiple murders, Fletch strives to prove his innocence while simultaneously searching for his fiancé\’s stolen art collection.

I had some minor misgivings of this movie about the same character that Chevy Chase played nearly 30 years ago, which is based on a series of books, which means it\’s a different story and Jon Hamm can do whatever he wants with the character without really being beholden to what Chase did with him. In many ways it\’s a situation that\’s much like the Bond franchise!

It\’s a good movie, it\’s a good mystery and it\’s well acted by everyone involved. In fact, I think I\’d like to see another story with Hamm as Fletch, he\’s the perfect amount of swarmy, sexy, intelligent, and devious that currently does well for mysteries.

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