“Hellraiser Resurrection” Review

Hellraiser: Resurrection: Directed by Christian Levatino, Victor Mendoza. With Clive Barker, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley, Christopher Young.

Opening with a found footage set of scenes, this is the lowest budgets feeling of all Hellraiser films, so far at least. There’s two drunk boys in Mexico, have sex with a girl in a shitty bar bathroom, then pass out in the bathroom to find that the girl was murdered in the toilet stall. It turns out though, they’ve been recording everything the whole time, then decide to not delete footage of them with the dead girl!

From there nothing gets better, either with the story or with the cinematography, everything is in absolute bright lights, not a single shadow to be found. As you can predict, this leads to some really weird scenes that should be spooky, but end up feeling like they’re from a soap opera.

One weird thing is that there are multiple pinheads in this film, at times in conference with each other in the hellworld about what they were planning on doing in the real world. It was weird.

I think this is the first time that the puzzle cube itself is used to murder anyone, a puzzle cube that I might add, was given to the mortals by the cleanest dirty guy I’ve ever see in a film. This is a hilarious scene with a hooker and the cube, in which murder happens, the blood gets on the bed and one of the previously dead characters pops out of the mattress alas Ace Venture coming out of the Rhino, saying “her blood brought me back!”

Completely skippable and I regret spending any amount of time with the film.

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