The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Bishoujo Statue

Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – now in bishoujo style! Thanks to beloved illustrator Shunya Yamashita’s expert design, the cannibalistic murderer’s appearance has been fully revamped while retaining its frightening original look. Measuring roughly 8 1/2-inches tall, she’s wearing a shirt, pulling attention to Bubba Sawyer’s large body that’s been adapted into a voluptuous female physique. Leatherface’s hollow expression, reddened face, and slightly open mouth reveal that she’s lost all sense of control. The blood splatters on her yellow apron have been painted with glossy paint to reproduce the look of slimy blood. The original bloody chainsaw design was perfectly turned into 3D data and then adjusted to the size of the bishoujo statue in order to retain the authenticity. The base is designed in a diorama-style with dust, feathers, and a scattering of bones and teeth, which adds to the eerie atmosphere of the Sawyer home. Finally, a human skin masked face part is also included so you can pose Leatherface as close to original form as possible. Do not miss this extraordinary horror statue!

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