Terex 33-19 Titan

Model of the world’s largest dump truck for 25 years in 1 to 28.5 scale. Terex was the heavy equipment division of General Motors. In 1973 they released a real behemoth for the time being – a 350 ton mining truck. Since the available wheel sizes were not sufficient for such enormous payloads, it was decided to build a three-axle truck instead. Initially, the truck was painted in Terex’ standard lime green color and was put into service with Kaiser Steel iron mine in California. Later it was sent to Kaiser Steel at Sparwood, British Columbia, Canada. After Kaiser Steel was first acquired by B. C. Resources and in 1983 followed by Westar Mining, the Titan was repainted in the shown tan and blue livery. For its time, the Titan was too big to be economic, since matching excavators and other equipment were missing. Therefore only one Terex 33-19 has ever been built. For 25 years, until 1998, when the Caterpillar 797 was introduced with a payload capacity of 360 tons, the Titan was the world’s largest mining truck. My model is fully functional and uses an SBrick to control the following four functions: – Two Power Functions XL motors drive the tandem rear axle. – Two Power Functions servo motors are used for steering. One for the front axle and another one that slightly steers the two drive axles so that the truck is able to take tighter turns. – One Power Functions L motor drives two XL linear actuators that tip the dump body. – A set of two times two Power Functions LEDs illuminate the headlights and rear lights. The Tires used are non LEGO 120 mm tires that fit 1.9 inch rims.

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