Tales of Suspense No.39 (1963)

So you all know that normally, I’ll re-read the issue that I’m covering and write up a joke-y narrative making fun of how stupid and fun it all is right? Well hey, if you wanna know about this book, just go watch the first twenty minutes of the 2008 Iron Man movie because it’s literally just that almost beat for beat, with a few less derived and unbacked scientific terms tied to hokey tech 😛 But really though, there’s not much to make fun of with this old issue (and trust me, I tried). It’s solid all the way through. There’s even an overarching story featuring a vague 60s Marvel archetype villain and Tony redeeming himself from his weapon-dealing past. It’s actually a pretty forward thinking story for 1960s America. You could argue it’s a bit hippy-swaying but really, it’s a message that can still be applied to today and I really liked that about the book. If you\’re interested you should just go read it for yourself. It\’s pretty great 🙂 *** Patreon: andrewcookston Instagram: a.cookston.photography

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