Glorious destruction

This will be the final build and shots for Prosperity 1. I walked into my garage Sunday morning to find the Prosperity had fallen during the night. The door was left open so it was probably a Blacktron beast who snuck in during the dead of night to carry out their nefarious plans. At least now I’m forced to redesign and rebuild. Lifting video: BUILD SUMMARY: This is a 2 meter / 7.5 foot Technic spaceship built from Jan 14 2019 – May 30th 2019. I’ve swooshed it on Bricksmith’s livestream. The height is measured to the top of the dome, not the needle. Hours: About 20 hours a week during the duration of the build. Download the 46 MP original to zoom in and look at some of the construction techniques and detail. Maybe you can count all the classic space astronauts sprinkled throughout the photo. Click here for my Astra theme Click here for the Prosperity Album, which has WIP photos from the beginning until now.

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