Batman Hall of suits

Tony Stark has his “Hall of Armor” to store his Iron Man armor… now Bruce Wayne also has his “Hall of suits” to store his Batman costumes. In one corner of his Batcave, Batman has a huge dressing room with his entire collection of suits… The “Hall of suits” includes 2 mobile robotic arms that can retrieve suits in height, a Batconsole and a large bat logo. (and Pretzels too ^^) For this “dressing room”, I made a small selection of 60 suits from different eras (Yes I know, there are more batman suits). But why 60 suits ? The “Hall of suits” is under a showcase and the size is limited, I only got 60. Why a showcase ? It was out of the question to leave Batman suits unprotected at exhibitions. Extra : The showcase is lit with a blue light. 🙂

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