“Captain’s Log, Stardate 4385.3”

I did it guys! I finally finished my TOS 1701 Bridge! Woo! I’ve had been working on it for almost a year! It all started with The Captain’s chair inspired by Kadigan Photography flic.kr/p/21wKeYs and now here we are… a little older and a little wiser. Man what relief it is to finally have this one off my plate! 😛 Granted… part of that time may have been due to my attempts to get a hold of a third set of those fantastic Citizen Brick torsos. But alas I couldn’t wait any longer! Two sets of figs will have to do! If you guys want to see how with the use of photoshop magic, I replicated my Star Trek figs, be sure to check out this week’s Patreon video all about the edit of this neat composite image! Plus there’s a handful of other cool things up there too, like some purist Mirroverse figs and a hand-built Micro USS 1701 inspired by Finn Roberts! 🙂 *** Patreon: andrewcookston Instagram: a.cookston.photography

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