Off-World Construction Mech

My entry to Space Jam 2019’s Construction Mech Category. As human kind began to venture deeper into space and plant colonies on various celestial bodies, the need arose for a universal construction unit that could operate in harsh atmospheres, manoeuvre under different gravities, and be insulated against radiation and extreme temperatures. This Mech was the solution. So this was somewhat inspired by the vehicle/suit thing from the 80s film “Inner Space”, as well as obvious resemblances from the classic astronaut suits. The idea I had was something rather minimalistic, that could just perform the basic functions of a humanoid form (ie. have flexible arms, legs that can walk forward/turn), but be as sturdy as possible so that it can survive any alien climate. The bendy arms are something I wanted to do from the get-go, as well as a roughly-rounded, top-heavy body. The part i was worried about was the legs, since I knew I wanted them right at the front; but they actually tuned out really nice, perhaps even my finest legs to date. Also happy with the “props”, thought I should give this build some context to make up for its rather wacky appearance. Enjoy!

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