This is a common view when looking out the portholes of space stations all around the system. The ARM(Assisted Robotic Maintenance) Ship is available in many shapes and sizes and used in just about every situation where a couple of extra hands are needed. Spacesuits are a bit too fragile and have limited movability. The ARM-Ship, on the other hand, gives the pilot the added movability and strength. The arms can also be controlled remotely via AR-headset should the need arise. I’m returning to one of John Wallin Liberto’s designs once again. I really love the idea of an enlarged set of robotic hands that you control from within a protected environment. I tried to follow the original design as closely as possible. But the cockpit was hard to get right. My version has more windows on the sides and a rounder shape in the nose. I’ve also added internal lighting and floodlights to the ship. I used the LifeLites eLite Jr kit. It’s not very bright but very easy to fit into small builds. Some more details on my blog.

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