Lego 1966 Batmobile

To the Batmobile! As we have entered 2020 I am happy to present to all of you my latest addition to my Batmobile collection; the iconic 1966 Adam West Batmobile. Instructions are available from Rebrickable here;… Until now I held off building this particular Batmobile as there are simply so many great versions out there. However as time progresses Lego continues to introduce many wonderful new elements and with them come new opportunities to recreate shapes that were previously very difficult to capture. With Lego introducing many curved pieces lately I felt that we finally have the bricks to do this sleek machine justice and so I set of building. As mentioned above there are so many great versions of this Batmobile out there that it was pretty difficult to come up with original ideas. While my model is not revolutionary different I believe it does bring something new to the game. I have opted to make this Batmobile 7 studs wide as that was more in line with my previous 1989 Batmobile (their sizes are actually very similar) and based on a model I saw by Flailx, his model was also 7 studs wide and I felt that that looked more accurate to the actual car. There is enough room for both Batman and Robin to fit in comfortably and I managed to include a few iconic elements such as the red telephone and the emergency turn lever. I am most pleased however with how I recreated the wings of the vehicle. It is very difficult to capture them perfectly without making them ruin the sleek aesthetic of the car so I tried something new by using the propeller piece and believe that it looks very nice. I also managed to include an opening trunk in the back with enough room to fit a bat-a-rang and of course the very handy shark repellent spray 😉 I am very eager to hear your feedback on this model. Do you like it or are there any areas that you feel I can improve? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. I wish you all a blessed 2020 and stay tuned to this Bat-Channel for more Batman related content. Until next time 😉

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