Dynamite® Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Case Of The Missing Adults Ogn Hardcover

Rating: All Ages Cover: Bob Solanovic Writer: Scott Bryan Wilson Art: Bob Solanovic Genre: Crime, Humor Publication Date: July 2019 Format: Hardcover Page Count: 108 Pages ON SALE DATE: July 2019 (Advanced Solicit) Eating candy nonstop and watching TV all day sounds great . . . until you actually do it, as the kids of Bayport High find out when all the adults vanish, and the world’s greatest (high school) detectives–the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew! –have to team up to solve the mystery! Whether it’s going undercover, sneaking out at night, chasing weird buses, or following a strange smell, they know it’ll take all their wits and smarts to get their parents and teachers back . . . that is, if Joe and Frank don’t kill each other first. Oh, and there’s also the matter of the skeleton that can walk. And a major feud with a rival high school. And a koala-in-a-diaper costume. And lawlessness in the hallways. And an unrequited crush . . . Written by Scott Bryan Wilson (Batman Annual, Star Trek: Waypoint) and drawn by Bob Solanovic (Mister Meow), NANCY DREW AND THE HARDY BOYS: THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING ADULTS! is a high-octane, nonstop comedic romp full of action, excitement, mystery, and friendship. And mayhem. Lots of mayhem. ISBN-13: 978-1-5241-1178-6

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