Frogracer: The FP-15 Royal Croaker

And so like everything else, all good things must come to an end. The final entry into the Phantom Menace 20th Anniversary Celebratory Frogracer Series is here. It is ultimately just a redesign of the first Frogracer I made (originally just called The Frog-Pod), but after having built so many, I felt I could do better with that initial design. The cockpit is a bit more compact and I wanted to give the engines a bit more variety and greebling over the smooth finish of the big round parts with a few of the newer parts I’ve acquired since 2015. Make it a bit more like Anakin’s podracer from the movie than the 1999 set. Maybe it’s a bit of a copout, but I see it as more of a celebration because it spawned this whole series. There’s not really much to discuss with this one, outside of that. It’s the original purple model from 2015 but revamped. *party favor horn and confetti* Be sure to stick around for 2022’s monthly celebration of Attack of the Clones turning 20 with various iterations of air speeders designed for horses to chase each other around Coruscant which shall be affectionately dubbed Marespeeders… (‘ ) _(‘ ) Just kidding (or am I?), I’ll probably just keep building a few more podracers for small animals because I’ve got that chameleon that came with CMF Johnny Thunder and I am just itching to build that little guy a pod. I’ve also got a bunny and a hamster that I’ve thought about, too, but any future posts won’t be restricted to a schedule, they’ll just happen if they ever do. More images can be found on Imgur: LINK And a video review, too: LINK Anyway, thanks for following along and putting up with all my podracer posts, I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

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