H-Wing (Y Wing dogfighter)

With the new SW Movie coming up – i thought i design something that kinda makes “sense” story wise perhaps. The Last Jedi was such a disgrace of a franchise, which should be almost fail safe if you use ur brains. I mean im not even a big fan, but what was Ryan Johnson thinking? Apart from poor script, bombers in space with some kind of gravitiy motion based “bomb” dropping? So slow the whole fleet gets wasted protecting those? its not like all other movies had allready better approaches…B Wings, Y Wings? Why not use these in EP8? Considering the Y wing is somewhat a single purpose ship for fast bomb runs, but according to all that lore easily availiable. Why not use those old fighters and remodel them into dogfighters? Should be cheap for the rebels. The y wing is too long and therfore vulnerable in the mid section, yet why not have a gunner at the back? In the movies so many ships get shot easily from behind, so id dare say 2 pilots, one of them gunning in the back would increase survival rate of the ship and crew A LOT. So guns added, 6 in front (2 on both engine compartments, spread across like on the x wing, 2 as usual in the cockpit nose), 2 in the back for the wingman. I think its only logical that each ship has a back gunner, especially since this design easily allows it (similar to the republic desgin). So overall its smaller, faster, shoots front and back. Makes sense for a dogfighter (since the new Tie Fighters seem to be able to that too). Ya gotta keep up… If they really feel like inventing new ships for further story telling, i can only hope it gets a bit more “logical” in design approach- The U wings folding motion from Rogue One is also really pointless imo. So, thats 2 ships allready in the new “universe” without really too much logical purpose and rather lots of weak points. hope you enjoy this. Also hope J.J.. rescues the mess Ryan left for the fans… This is my first approach for Star Wars btw, so dont judge the moc too harsh, im quite sure i need to crank up the details and close gaps here and there…^^

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