Flight Training

FL-56 Ionospheric Training Craft and LL-102 Teaching Shuttle Pod After basic simulation training, new Federation recruits were taken up as far as the edge of the ionosphere to get the hang of flying in a variety of atmospheric densities and pressures. Those few who succeeded in impressing the flight tutors would be selected for the resource intensive flight training programs and would trade in their pink training spacesuits for the coveted red ones. Those less suited to piloting craft were trained as ground crew, scientists, or engineers. Finally had a chance to photograph these after a very busy summer. Had fun building them – I had to create an excuse for myself to use the new Classic Space branded toolbox. Part of the cockpit design of the training craft is shamelessly ripped off of ama77what’s brilliant space bike design. The teaching craft is salvaged from another idea that didn’t work and is obviously very indebted to Peter Reid‘s evergreen LL-790. It’s a five stud wide cockpit. Both spaceships have landing gear.

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