Beachcraft Bushwhacker

After a long string of engineering failures and unflyable prototypes from the domestic airplane manufacturers, the Principesca Aeronautica Montefalcana was at their wit\’s end trying to find a new modern fighter. Lucky for them, Prince Alfredo happened to be visiting an air race in Falaise that weekend. \”That one,\” he called out to an aid, who scrambled to see which speedy high-powered racer he had selected. Much to the dismay of the PAM general staff, however, it was the latest passenger plane from Columbian manufacturer Beachcraft that had caught his eye. The Bushwhacker\’s spacious design and sleek streamlining yield a range far beyond most nations\’ fighters, and the fully enclosed cockpit allows its crew to be well-rested upon arrival. Although too small for airline use and too expensive or most private pilots, it would find a niche with millionaire adventurers, record-setting endurance pilots, and the Montefalcan airship service.

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