Fun Future Rocket | 10402 Alt

This summer I brought my Fun Future set from the Lego Building Bigger Thinking line with me on holiday to experiment with some creative building. I really only had built the mech as an alternate model before and hadn’t touched the set much since. I thought it was time to make some more funky models! On holiday I found that the set worked well for brainstorming and concepting smaller stuff, but making a greater number of the pieces work together was difficult. I challenged myself to build a rocket (mechs, spaceships and other sci-fi stuff allow for weird shapes and colors to actually become qualities) using as much of the pieces as possible. I had a vague idea for a design in mind at the start, but that got revised drastically during the building process. My main inspiration were the fantastic modular rockets from the Lego Universe game. I built from front to back, as one can probably tell from all the nice bricks and combo’s as the nose and the more chucky stuff at the rear. However I’m not disappointed by the end result! The set does not have an elegant parts selection like some of the small Classic sets, but it allows for more detail, which I can also appreciate.

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