DC Artists\’ Alley Batgirl by Chrissie Zullo Designer Vinyl Figure – Entertainment Earth

As a college girl by day and heroine by night, the Batgirl of Burnside has to be ready anything the world throws at her. This 6 3/4-inch statue based of the work of Chrissie Zullo shows a Batgirl enthusiastic and ready to scale the challenges set in front of her. She may be in the same crime fighting family as Batman, but she certainly doesn\’t have the same dour disposition. DC Artists\’ Alley is a stylized collection based on designs from some of today\’s cutting-edge artists. Channeling the comic convention experience, DC Artists\’ Alley brings unique, artistic viewpoints to the DC Universe through highly-detailed, limited-edition designer vinyl. To fully match the Artist Alley origins of the figures, each box includes a print featuring the original artwork the figure is based on.

I\’m still in love with this costume!

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