Donald & Daisy

Donald Duck is one of my favorite Disney characters! I just had to build him with LEGO parts one day. I started about a year ago designing Donald\’s head, but I couldn\’t get the eyes right. Later that year two new parts appeared: the quarter tile in light aqua and the half circle tile in black. These were just perfect to make the eyes! Thus, months later, I could finish Donald\’s design. When Donald was finished I thought it would be fun to build his girlfriend Daisy as well. She proved quite a challenge with the limited part variety in bright pink and medium lavender. I am very happy with the result. They just look so cute together! Check out my other LEGO related pages: – Bricksafe containing pictures and digital models of MOCs. – Facebook with the latest gossip of my adventures and MOCs. – Rebrickable for easy sharing of MOCs and parts lists.

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