When the item was ACTUALLY free

Oh my goodness, I can\’t believe I almost forgot about this.

So, I work at your local \”sells everything\” store as a cashier. One day I\’m ringing up a customer as usual and grab my hand scanner to scan the two cakes he had in his cart. The one large sheet cake was no problem. However, there was a smaller, circular cake that did not have a barcode. The label on the larger cake didn\’t say anything about another cake either.

Customer: It must be free then, right? Me: Probably not, sir. One moment, please.

I then call the bakery department to clear this up only to be told, THE SMALL CAKE WAS ACTUALLY FREE. It\’s a smash cake, which is I guess some small waste of good cake they give out for the birthday toddler to destroy/eat/wear with the purchase of a normal sheet cake.

I look the customer dead in the eye and say \”Sir, in all my time here the item has NEVER been free. You are the first. Savor it.\” I laugh, he laughs, I marvel at the fact someone was right with that stupid joke.

It was a good day.

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