Traffic Page Update: Now includes data from all first-party platforms

Hi Mods,

We’ve updated subreddit traffic pages to include data from all first-party platforms – desktop, mobile, and mobile-web. You can find them at r/subredditname/about/traffic (or via the traffic stats link in the mod tools section in your sidebar).

Previously these pages only displayed desktop data and were becoming wildly inaccurate as more and more of our users switch to mobile. E.g. this is askreddit’s pageviews by month before and after the change. Previously it appeared that their traffic was declining, when in fact the opposite was happening.

We know information like this is valuable to moderators when making decisions about how to run your communities. Longer term we want provide depth around this data to moderators e.g. breaking your traffic out by platform, displaying unsubscribes, the ability to inspect data, etc.

Other notes:

  • Uniques and pageviews data does not include traffic from 3rd party clients
  • Default subreddits will see a drop in subscriptions by day. This is due to some previous weirdness about the way we were previously counting default subscriptions.

Big thanks to u/shrink_and_an_arch and u/bsimpson for making this happen as part of Snoo’s Day (our internal hack day).

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