An Incursion idea, aboard the USS Intrepid.


I have an idea for an Incursion, called Ocean’s Depths, and I want your opinion on it.

Area-Western Manhattan Enemy faction-Cleaners General Incursion summary-The Cleaners, using boats stolen from a Marina, are boarding the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid to kill civilians and steal SHD tech. Board the ship and deal with them.

Phase 1-Boarding The incursion starts with your team boarding a JTF Go-fast boat to reach the Intrepid. You’ll have to shoot at several Cleaner boats as you make your way to the ship. At the end, you rappel onto the flatdeck and battle cleaners alongside the JTF. After three waves of enemies, you head below deck to secure the armory.

Phase 2-The armory

The Cleaners are stealing guns when you arrive. Kill them, then send the all clear signal. Then, the signal is cut. A heavy cleaner armed with a Grenade Launcher, with Incendiaries, enters. Kill him to progress. As the JTF arrive, you recieve word that the Cleaners are taking control of the ship’s defense guns to start shelling targets in Manhattan.

Phase 3-Gun Deck

As you traverse the deck, you have to disable the guns and secure the deck within 12 minutes. Otherwise, the guns go off. if you succeed, you deal with another Cleaner boss, a Technician, armed with stolen Dragonbreath Turrets. Eliminate him. At the end, you head to the bridge.

Phase 4- the bridge.

As you report to the JTF captain, your last foe arrives. A stolen helicopter like Bliss’s chopper, armed with flamethrowers. You eliminate the chopper in a similar manner, using the AA guns aboard the carrier to destroy it. When it goes down, the incursion ends…

Or so you think. A last wave of Cleaners arrives armed with heavy explosives, ready to detonate the shells aboard the ship. Defend the area for five minutes until the last Cleaner falls, and you accomplish your mission.

Rewards A new exotic, the Breacher shotgun, along with Heroic loot. Exotic perk-Tactical Shells Shells pulse and make targets bleed on headshot.

What do you think?

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