[Story] Free yourself from the social media

A month ago I relinquished all forms of social media (except Reddit). I grew weary of seeing the same videos, photos, and statuses of people I didn’t know nor care for. After some time I realized all these different “social” platforms were negatively taking a toll on my mental health. It became less about staying in contact with friends and more about a pissing match. Display your best and hide your worst. It felt disingenuous and insincere. I also felt as though I wasn’t living in the present anymore. Watching a concert I was attending through my phone to capture a video I’d never see again. It was consuming a colossal amount of time and pulling me from reality. Incessantly opening applications just to close them a few moments later. It was bizarre and reminiscent of a drug addiction. It needed to cease. I must say I feel wonderful now. It was like a weight was removed from my chest. I’ve noticed I now have a tremendous amount of free time. I’ve begun to rekindle lost hobbies and seem to have improved mental health. I know this may seem a bit silly to write about but I think it needs to be said. Hopefully this will inspire a few to try the same.

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