Mike Pence tells Christian university graduates to follow their dreams despite roadblocks; dedicates career to building roadblocks against non-Christians

Mike Pence made a speech today at a Christian university to the least prosecuted group in America, inspiring them to overcome any obstacle to achieve their goals despite any opposition. Yes, the group with the least opposition in this country. Not only this, but he spoke about his own life and his obstacles in getting into politics. Because we all know how difficult it is for Christian men to hold political office. It’s almost like all 45 presidents were religious, and 40% of the country wouldn’t vote for a non-Christian! Way to inspire people, Pence. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to naturally have every single marketable political attribute in your favor on your path to becoming a politician.

I’m deeply tired of this false religious persecution complex. These are the most fortunate group of people in the history of this Earth and all they do is fucking complain.

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