[MAGATHREAD] /r/the_donald has gone private!

Following the tail of our post yesterday, “What’s up with /r/the_donald “leaving Reddit”?, we have more big news from /r/the_donald! In an apparent act of protest, they have gone private!

As you can see on the /r/the_donald splash page, they’re protesting the removal of three of their mods and what they feel is a biased approach taken by the admins in regard to their subreddit. Here’s a screenshot of their splash page, for longevity:


source: /r/TopMindsOfReddit

Here’s an archive of a post they made shortly before going private:


source: /u/elfa82 in /r/subredditcancer

And another screenshot of that message the admins sent their mod team notifying them their top mod and two others were removed and are not allowed to return to the team:


Let’s take a look at a snippet of the write-up by /u/stopscopiesme in /r/SubredditDrama:

For context, /r/The_Donald has clashed with the admins for quite a while, and had several rules imposed on it, like being banned from linking to r/politics. It is also speculated that the algorithm for r/all being redone and the ability to filter r/all were specific acts taken because of and against the_donald. This crackdown from the admins also comes after a new set of much stricter rules for moderators. While resentments between t_d mods and the admins have been simmering for a long time, there are some specific recent events that have led to this which I detailed in a post yesterday, copied here


Yesterday, this post daring the admins to change the score appeared on r/all for a few hours despite showing a score of 0. Many users inside and outside of The_Donald assumed the admins had actually manipulated the score. (Although it’s worth noting there’s no evidence of this and it could be related to the same glitch that caused the entire frontpage to be r/the_donald. Others are speculating that the post had a positive score before reaching r/all and being downvoted by non t_d users, and then it took a while to disappear from the listing). A similar thing happened with a second post. To my knowledge, the admins have not responded to these accusations.

Today, a t_d mod stickied a post ( mirror ) condemning the restrictions admins have placed on the subreddit and threatning that t_d users will leave. The moderator promotes reddit clone Voat, which yesterday announced it may shut down due to lack of funds. Another user is promoting both Voat and his own site as an alternative.


And here’s a few more places discussing this across reddit:

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