WHAT IF: LEGO Dimensions: The Complete Adventure Edition

Imagine that Warner Bros. and TT Games re-released LEGO Dimensions as a NON-Toys-to-Life game… both Digital AND Physical!

The portal mechanic would be retooled so that it could work like a traditional character/vehicle select menu, and puzzles that used the portal would use a digital toy pad and players could use their controller or keyboard to place certain characters on certain plates.

Battle Arenas would have a proper screen based on how many players are playing (e.g. 1 player = The whole screen to themselves)

Also, side characters like Flash, Sonic’s friends, Ron, and many more could be playable due to not having to need a toy to access them. Granted, they wouldn’t have a wealth of abilities, but they would feature basic abilities based on their canonical attributes (e.g. Tails could fly and use Technology points). Finally, the enemy characters could also be playable, Lord Vortech included.

Finally, a Photo Mode for taking pictures of your 7-hero/villian dream team and sharing it with the world!

What do you guys think? Would you pick this up if ever happened?

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