School confiscated my sons phone, now won’t return it to me.

This is in Indiana.

My son is in high school and, true to a deal we made, he got good grades in his first semester, so I got him an iPhone for Christmas. Apparently he was playing with it in class recently, and the teacher confiscated it. I totally understand this.

However, when I went in to the office to collect the phone, the assistant principal told me that it was now school property, and he wouldn’t return it to me. He said it was like when the police confiscate something, it becomes their property (which isn’t true, as far as I know.)

I managed to maintain my composure while I stridently demanded the phone, but the assistant principal wouldn’t budge.

I’m taking it up at the next school board meeting. If the school board upholds the asst. principal’s decision, my plan is to sue the district for the value of the phone, but I hope this isn’t necessary.

What’s my legal standing here? Would I have any hope of winning a small claims suit against the district for the value of the phone?

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