I think I\’m done with Bill Nye. His new show sucks.

I am about halfway through Bill Nye Saves the World, and I am completely disappointed. I\’ve been a huge fan of Bill Bye since I was ten. Bill Nye the Science Guy was entertaining and educational. Bill Nye Saves the World is neither. In this show he simply brings up an issue, tells you which side you should be on, and then makes fun of people on the other side. To make things worst he does this in the most boring way possible in front of crowd that honestly seems retarded. He doesn\’t properly explain anything, and he misrepresents every opposing view.

I just finished watching the fad diet episode. He presents Paleo as \”only eating meat\” which is not even close to what Paleo is. Paleo is about eating nutrient rich food, and avoiding processed food, grains and sugar. It is protein heavy, but is definitely not all protein. He laughs that cavemen died young, but forgets to mention that they had very low markers of cardiovascular disease.

In the first episode he shuts down nuclear power simply because \”nobody wants it.\” Really? That\’s his go to argument? There was no discussion about handling nuclear waste, or the nuclear disaster in Japan. A panelist states that the main problem with nuclear energy is the long time it takes to build a nuclear plant (because of all the red tape). So we have a major issue (climate change caused by burning hydrocarbons), and a potential solution (nuclear energy), but we are going to dismiss it because people don\’t want it and because of the policies in place by our government. Meanwhile, any problems with clean energy are simply challenges that need to be addressed, and we need to change policy to help support clean energy and we need to change public opinion on it.

In the alternative medicine episode he dismisses a vinegar based alternative medicine because it doesn\’t reduce the acidity level of a solution. He dismiss the fact that vinegar has been used to treat upset stomach for a long time. How does vinegar treat an upset stomach? Does it actually work, or is it a placebo affect? Does it work in some cases, and not in others? If it does anything, does it just treat a symptom, or does it fix the root cause? I don\’t know the answer to any of these questions because he just dismissed it as wrong and only showed me that it doesn\’t change the pH level of an acidic solution. Also, there are many foods that are believed to help prevent diseases like fish (for heart health), high fiber breads (for colon cancer), and citrus fruits (for scurvy). A healthy diet and exercise will help prevent cardiovascular disease, and will help reduce your blood pressure among other benefits. So obviously there is some reasoning behind some alternative medicine and practices and to dismiss it all as a whole is stupid.

I just don\’t see the point of this show. It\’s just a big circle jerk. It\’s not going to convince anyone that they\’re wrong, and it\’s definitely not going to entertain anyone. It\’s basically just a very poor copy of Penn and Teller\’s BS! show, just with all intelligent thought removed.

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