Last year I quit my job to pursue my passion of creating rap music full time. Here is my new album, I hope you like it

In college I used to freestyle rap with my friends at parties every weekend, for a little competitive fun. We all sucked obviously, but it was a blast standing in a circle with all your friends spitting rhymes purely for entertainment.

In the seven years since then, I\’ve dedicated an immense amount of time to honing the craft. It\’s amazing to me how far I\’ve been able to come with the assistance and coaching of my two best friends, producers by the name of KIDYOUNOT and Wulfmanik.

I\’m a little self conscious, but I\’m releasing my second EP today, and I\’m finally ready to show the world what we\’ve made. I would adore any form of feedback, constructive criticism, or advice the community might have for me as a new(er) artist.

Here it is!

For any artist out there like me who have been working tirelessly for years but are just starting to put themselves out there, feel free to message me! I\’d love to create something together, offer feedback, or really anything I could do for the community.

edit: WOW! I\’m super impressed with the response this has gotten. Thank you so much everyone, feel free to contribute constructive feedback (positive or negative!)

edit 2: Man! I can\’t even believe this response. Thank you so much, reddit <3 If you want to connect with me, I\’m @MidasWright Twitter & IG!

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