I bring electricity to remote villages in Africa and got Eva Green to narrate my story. Samuel L. Jackson and other huge stars talked about it. AMA!

My short bio: I am the founder of Power:On. My startup built an independent electric grid for 3000 people in 2015 and now we want to upgrade to solar energy and replicate what we did to solve the electricity access crisis for millions of people. Eva Green narrates our story in a short film that was acclaimed by huge stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Mads Mikkelsen, Omar Sy…

EDIT: If you wish to support, just watch the film and share! I need 20,000 email sign ups to be able to launch a crowdfunding campaign!

My Proof: Our website en.turnthepoweron.co and social accounts with a picture of me right now 🙂 www.facebook.com/turnthepoweron/ www.facebook.com/tristan.kochoyan www.instagram.com/tristan.ko/ twitter.com/Pwr_On

I’m Tristan!

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