Total Bugfest

I have a few bugs that happen to me while playing the game. I\’ll list then out and maybe even get some help.

-The Sonic Speedster vehicle hates the game. Whenever I bring it in, it constantly phases in and out of existence and it\’s virtually unusable.

-Previously downloaded items sometimes won\’t work when I update the game. I don\’t know if it\’s because I updated it or what, but I\’m able to access the Lego Batman and Adventure Time WORLDS, but not the levels themselves.

-Similar to the last, sometimes even when the content is downloaded, it says \”To access Wave _____ content, an additional download is required. Add to queue?\” and when I press \”Yes,\” it doesn\’t do anything, and prompts the same popup repeatedly, eventually leading to nothing happening and me wasting my time.

It\’s totally buggy, and I\’ve lost all hope for this game. If you can help, please do. I play on xBox 360 btw.

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