[Tech] Am I alone in having massive problems with the Xbox one?

I’m going to avoid saying the exact words I want to use to describe how I feel about the Xbox one after my experience with it over 3 years, because I feel it won’t go down well. However, suffice to say I’ve had major issues over the last year.

My Internet is kind of inconsistent at my current flat, and for some reason, this means that my xbox frequently logs me out, and not just out of xbl which wouldn’t bother me at all, but out of my profile, which gets really annoying, as I lose progress in games by getting returned to the main menu.

Also, this inexplicably causes the dashboard to run awfully, with weird buggy things happening everywhere. For example, buttons in the dashboard stop responding, games refuse to launch on the first and second tries, and the sidebar icons just don’t work.

My first major issues came when I was part of the preview program, when my dashboard was worthless, and the Xbox would often fail to load games unless I had restarted my xbox. I know that it isn’t necessarily fair to go through problems I had in the preview program, so I won’t make that big of a deal of it. I know I was dealing with a system in beta.

Because of this, I left the preview program, and formatted my xbox and started fresh. Since then, it has only got worse. After I went through the task of redownloading my games on aforementioned shit Internet that I wasn’t able to fit into my portable hard drive, I thought my problems would be over. But then, a week later, my library of 111 games dropped to 40. My games had uninstalled themselves. But not only that, the uninstalled games didn’t only happen on one drive, it just happened randomly between my internal and external drives. And the space didn’t even clear on the drives, so now 40 games are taking up 1.4tb, and I can’t fix it without wiping everything and starting again, and downloading 1.4tb on godawful internet.

These are only a few of the problems affecting me to be honest, and I would say that the Xbox is now the joke console of the flat, and we only really use it because of the 360 games we can play when the Internet isn’t stopping us from playing them.

I’m not just posting these problems to bitch (well not completely at least). I’m genuinely interested to know if anyone else is being affected by anything like this, and to know if anyone’s been able to fix any of these problems in a particular way.

Thanks you guys!

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