Probably terminal. Have kids. No life insurance currently. Are there any life insurance options available that aren\’t a scam? Is there anything else that can/should be done?

Live in US. 36 y/o single parent of two young children. Very ill; very, highly likely aggressive cancer (<1 year, possibly much sooner). Working with doc to determine cause; however (b/c public health care in America is slow. yay.), I will not have the definitive testing for 5 more weeks.

Currently have ~$2000 in savings. Monthly income of $1600 via child support. No major debts (~$24k in Fed student loans, but no payments b/c am below income threshold).

I have always planned on donating my body to science, so I\’m not looking to pay for funeral and burial services. Given that I have potentially five more weeks without a terminal diagnosis, is there anything I can do to help my children and my children\’s new guardian financially?

Edit: Thank you for all your well wishes and support. I greatly appreciate it. I am not trying to scam any insurance carriers. I am just trying to examine my options. I know I failed my children by not signing up for life insurance beforehand. I guess I was just checking to see if anyone had another idea for a lifeline. I am not currently thinking very clearly (medication is rough). Thank you to everyone for explaining what is probably obvious.

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