"Don\’t let my wife see."

First post (to TFR), let\’s see how this works.

I work in a small, locally owned toy shop in little college town, however we have a lot of down to earth people and families.

Couple comes in with three kids and immediately the kids go crazy, wanting to show their parents every single toy in the store.

It\’s a small store but is broken into three distinct sections, rooms connected by walkways. We have a card rack next to the cash wrap that has all sorts of cards.

As the wife is being dragged by her kids around the store, the husband comes up to me and quietly goes \”Don\’t let my wife see, we are big star wars fans\” and slides me this card and cash to pay for it. I quietly make small talk with him about the weather and ring him up. I finish just in time as his wife and kids walk around and then grab their dad to go beg and ask for toys.

I\’m chatting with the mom and she sees a card on the card rack and says \”This would be perfect for [husband] but don\’t let him see this,\” and slides me cash, finishes the transaction and winks. It\’s the exact same card.

They finish their shopping, purchase a few toys for their three kids and walk out, both chuckling to themselves about how clever they are.

edit: aw geez guys, this is the best post I\’ve ever had on Reddit, ever. It made me so happy to share this with y\’all. Have a bomb ass day!

Edit 2: changed to \”first post in TFR\” because I\’m a little goon who ended up confusing some people. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, guys, Reddit has never made me so happy to share a story 🙂 and HOLY MOLY! My first ever gilded post too! Guys you\’re all too nice! I hope your kids make you breakfast in bed once a week!

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