I am sorry that person is on the phone with IT you will have to call back. But I am IT.

So got a call from someone at a branch this morning and it has been quite the experience.

She had an issue with her printer no longer scanning to email. Easy problem fixed in 10 minutes, but as I fixed it a new issue cropped up. The DNS borked itself on her network and refused to make new connections.

The problem was not with her computer but with her network. After negotiating a remote restart of the network with a primadonna who just HAD to finish up something, totally could have waited, we got the restart sent. This killed off the phones as they all used IP phones.

I call back and since they only have a primary office line with an operator I get this conversation.

$Me = Liam Neeson

$IO = Idiot operator or Phoebe from friends.

$IO – Thank you for calling _____ how may I direct your call?

$ME – This is ___ I need to speak with Julie from reward redemption. (fake name)

$IO – I am sorry, Julie is on the phone with IT. You will have to call back.

$ME – I am IT… You already hung up didnt you. Gad Dommit.

I called back.

$IO – Thank you for callin…

$ME – This is ___ with IT I need to speak with…

$IO – Look sir I said it already she is on the phone with IT. I do apologize for the inconvenience but she can not take your call at this time.

I am a little perturbed at this point. I call back, no answer. I leave a voicemail and send the operator an email. No response.

I pull out my personal cell phone and call the number again.

$IO – Thank you for normal greeting

$ME – OK now listen carefully. I am ___ with our company name IT department and I need to speak with Julie from reward redemption so that we can finish up and get your network back up. Now I am currently talking on my cell phone so I am going to call back on the office line, the same one you hung up on twice and ignored once. I have sent your manager an email explaining what just happened so I assume he will want to have some words with you. For now this is what is going to happen. I am going to call back on the office line and you are going to pick it up and immediately transfer me to Julie.

$IO – Yes sir.

$ME – Thank you. And can you do me a favor?

$IO – Yes.

$ME – Can you have a nice day? Click

I called back and was instantly transferred to Julie with reward redemption. I confirmed all of her issues had been fixed and moved on with my day. Thankfully the cell phone conversation was not recorded as they do not record from their end. Only ours.

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