Ayatollah Trump plans to sign a religious liberty order tomorrow. Like the idea of being turned away by a religious landlord for living together before marriage? Want to be turned away by a religious doctor because you want birth control? This isn\’t just about LGBT people. This will impact us ALL.

The draft order leaked in Feb and can be found here.

Politico reports that Trump wants to sign it tomorrow in honor of the national day of prayer. Link.

The impact of this will not be limited to just gay people. Anyone, in nearly any circumstance, will be able to claim religious objections and deny service, refuse to do their job, etc.

Oh, you had an abortion? Hope your doctor isn\’t a Christian when you go for that follow up appointment!

Oh, you want birth control? Hope your doctor isn\’t a raging Catholic!

Oh, you\’re gay? Hope you like the idea of getting kicked out of a restaurant because the owner is a bigot piece of shit.

For fucks sake, there are still pastors who preach against interracial marriage. Want to be denied service for that reason? It could happen.

Raise hell, folks. This is bullshit.

EDIT: Even if it only impacted LGBT people, this would still be fucked up. However, this will likely allow religious folks to claim religious objections for pretty much any damn thing they please. #FuckAyatollahTrump

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