IamA full face transplant patient that got fucked by The Department of Defense AMA!

I\’ve done two AmAs here explaining my face transplant and how happy I am to have been given a second chance at a more normal life, rather than looking like Freddy Kruger the rest of my life.


1st one

2nd one

Now comes the negative side of it. While I mentioned before that The Department of Defense covered the cost of the surgery itself and the aftercare at the hospital it was performed at, it was never brought to my attention that any aftercare at any other hospital, was my responsibility. I find it quite hilarious that they would drop a few million into my face, just to put me into thousands of dollars in medical debt later.

I recently went into rejection in my home state and that\’s when I found out the harsh reality of it all as seen here Hospital Bill

I guess I better start looking into selling one of my testicles, I hear those go for a nice price and I don\’t need them anyway since medical debt has me by the balls anyway and it will only get worse.

Ask away at disgruntled face transplant recipient who now feels like a bonafide Guinea Pig to the US Gov.

$7,000+ may not seem like a lot, but when you were under the impression that everything was going to be covered, it came as quite a shock. Plus it will only get higher as I need labs drawn every month, biopsies taken throughout the year, not to mention rejection of the face typically happens once a year for many face transplant recipients.

Also here is a website that a lot of my doctors contributed to explaining what facial organ rejection is and also a pic of me in stage 3

Explanation of rejection

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