A Christian friend told me that she "knows" God exists, and she can "definitely prove" it. After a few more questions, the same girl told me that she could only prove God’s existence to those who already share her exact same beliefs.

I don’t know what it is with theists and not using words properly. Words have definitions for a reason, and they’re pretty damn important.

First, if your entire religion is based on FAITH, then you can’t have a perfect knowledge of God’s existence. You need not have faith for things that you know.

Then, and this is my favorite, if you can only “prove” God’s existence to those who already share belief in your delusion, then you can’t, by definition, prove shit.

Also, she brought up the “I can feel God just like I can feel the wind so that DEFINITELY proves he’s real.”

No, honey, there is a huge goddamn difference between feeling the physical sensation of wind hitting your face and having some warm fuzzy emotions after you’ve gotten down on your little bitty knees and said an incantation to your fake God.

I get warm and fuzzy feelings when I listen to certain music, does that mean that the front man of Tool fucking died for my sins? No.

Fucking hell, ya’ll. The delusions are extreme in the south.

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