Fans create false expectation and now they blame Blizzard? STOP IT

Stop hyping yourself if you\’re not prepared to the possibility that you\’re wrong. It\’s okay to be disappointed, it\’s not okay to whine. It happens in every community and it is so toxic.

Saying Blizzard is selling out. Saying Blizzard never listens. Saying Blizzard disappointed your own fan-made expectation. Scratch marks =/= Deathwing. There are many people excited for D.Va, be happy for them and stop whining.

EDIT: There was a thread a few weeks ago that gave way more proof that the next hero was going to be D.Va. How the hell do you expect Deathwing to simply scratch a Wooden wall??? The Cataclysm cinematic shows him literally burning everything in his path.

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