My fiancée thinks that I don\’t know about him cheating on me. My background and credit check just went through & im moving into my new apartment in two weeks.

This happened 7 months ago. I work a not high paying but decent job and picked up a second job. He thinks I\’m working for extra money to buy a new car. He left his email logged in on my laptop & I saw an ongoing conversation where a woman was sending him naked pictures talking about hooking up again, he agreed and made a date to pick her up a week from when she sent that email! I opened it because the subject was NSA fuck (no strings attached) the kicker? He found her on CL. Privately, I got tested, no STD\’s. I stopped having sex with him but one month after I found the emails. Once I got the second job I used being too tired as an excuse so he wouldn\’t think I found out.

But we used condoms cause I told him I stopped taking birth control. So I\’m clean. Now I have more than enough money saved up to move out! It\’s been so hard holding back tears and looking him in the eye but over the last few months I have fell completely out of love with him. I put in my two weeks notice at my second job, I have suitcases in my trunk. Once the day comes and he\’s at work I am packing all my shit and leaving my ring on the dresser.

I deactivated fb last month but I blocked him before I did, im gonna block his phone number & Instagram account as well. I have spent months putting this plan together. I can\’t wait to leave him confused and thrown off.

Signed-the sad but soon to be single girl!!!!!!!

EDIT-hey guys, just wanna say that I\’m NOT gonna leave a print out of his email when I leave and I\’m not gonna sell my engagement ring. I\’m 24 years old, I don\’t do stuff for revenge and I don\’t wanna spite him. He\’ll just be left blindsided by his actions. I\’ll post an update after I move to keep you guys informed for the ones asking. I feel so liberated and free and thank you for all your well wishes it means alot

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