Even if you can’t build wealth, build skills.

I was just reading the thread about Americans having less and less, and there are certainly some shocking truths there.

However, I had oldschool farmer parents, and there’s one gem they taught me that has served me well: if you can’t get rich, at least know how to do things for yourself.

  • Flat tire on the road? Knowing how to change it (and having a spare, even purchased at discount if your other was already used) can save you hundreds. Have someone show you how. Once you’ve done it once, you will always know how to do it.

  • Even if you haven’t room for a small garden, you have window sills. Learn to grow some herbs (you can even grow veggies for free by replanting celery and green onion bases, when you’re done using the produce), sprout some mung beans for homemade Asian dishes that are delicious and nutritions, etc.

  • Also even if you can’t garden, learn to refrigerator-can. You can make your own pickles when cucumbers are on sale, or things like simple orange marmalade when oranges are on sale, that will save you a TON of money and will last for many months. Beats paying $4/jar (and you can get the jars for practically free, at Goodwill and similar thrift stores).

  • Learn to trim your hair to keep it neat. Maybe it’s not as great as salon-pro, but you’ll save a ton (just follow the lines they set for your last cut, doesn’t have to be anything drastic).

These are just examples but you can learn anything online these days (books OR Internet, free at the library for frugalists).

So many great points were made about the state of wages these days, so now more than ever, it’s good to remember that sometimes knowledge is the best investment you can make.

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