\”Hellraiser Hellworld\” Review

Hellraiser: Hellworld: Directed by Rick Bota. With Stelian Urian, Katheryn Winnick, Anna Tolputt, Khary Payton. Gamers playing a MMORPG based on the \”Hellraiser\” films find their lives endangered after being invited to a rave, the host of which intends to show them the truth behind the Cenobite mythos.

Another straight to VHS / DVD special that actually turned out to be a pretty ok horror / slasher film and somewhat ok addition to the Hellraiser franchise. Most surprising to me was seeing a very young Henry Cavil as one of group that\’s destined to die. There\’s some pretty lame attempts at making a digital connection, but for the most part all the pieces work and it\’s a ton of fun. I particularly enjoyed seeing Lance Henriksen as the \”host\” of the party and got a good laugh at the way he died, which was a clear echo of his death in 1986\’s \”Aliens\”. The cellphone dating things was hella stupid and shouldn\’t have been included in the film at all.

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