This year, Shore Leave comes to you!

Shore Leave 2018 This year, Shore Leave comes to you!

That’s right, in the topsy-turvy Bizarro universe we now inhabit, Shore Leave, the convention named for the act of going away from where you usually are to somewhere else, is doing the opposite of that. Since none of us will be physically traveling to Hunt Valley, MD for Shore Leave 42 until (we hope) next…

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F. George Dunham, III

Life is so stupid right now, really bizarro you are so right. I haven’t even showered or gotten out of my bath robe for 12 days, forget shore leave. I’m afraid to go to the store because I’m very old and very fat and so the covids might get me. But I’m almost out of eggs to boil which is my main meal. I’ve been eating hard boiled eggs and Lego waffles for months now because the bars are closed and I can’t do my usual lunch of whiskey and chicken wings. Shore leave would be nice.

Tiki God

LEGO Waffles you say?

F. George Dunham, III

Ha! Oopsies. I meant Eggo. Lego would be fun though. They kinda look like Legos. I have nothing better to do anyway, maybe I’ll build a little doll house out of my Eggo waffles tomorrow.