Riding the Techno Snail

11:20 could be an exciting time of the day in the Vehicle Design Department of Llwyngwril Systems. Elevenses would just be finished. Tuesdays were especially fraught. The fevered minds of the design team would be set racing by the sugar rush from sweet tea and chocolate bourbon biscuits. Some people even managed to get a whole mini-packet of three to themselves. Wednesdays were calmer, as it was digestives and nobody liked those. The Techno Snail was obviously designed on a Tuesday. We’d like to say that the spacemen of Classic Space were duped again by Llwyngwril Systems into buying something that they didn’t want. Sadly this was not the case. The designers thought it was a funny vehicle and so did the spacemen. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ This was actually inspired by Andres Lenander’s Steampunk Snail. I’m not sure what sort of biscuits he likes… You can watch the Snail in action here on Flickr. The Snail is powered by the Lego 12799 pull-back motor.

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