Confederacy Criminal Record Database Classification: Restricted Subject Name: Jinx Manufacturer: Pulsar Ship Yards Class: VL-40 Medium Maintenance Craft Modifications: Missile launchers. EMP Railgun. Enlarged forward thrusters and shield capacity. Presumably many others presently unknown. Pilot Name: Hammond Labell Known Aliases: Rabbit Affiliation: The Free Colonies Occupation: Officially signed as cargo deck officer on Karoji Space station, Argo System. Origin: Karoji Space station Group: Luck By Numbers Known aliases: Lucky Bastards There should be no doubt that Hammond is a smuggler, thief and a terrorist affiliated with the terrorist group “Luck By Numbers” a.k.a “Lucky Bastards” led by fugitive Jetsune “Sun” Dorje. This SHIP is considered K.O.S if encountered in Confederacy controlled space. We have had several reports of raids against Confederacy ships where this vessel was involved. The “Lucky Bastards” usually disable engines and shields, then Hammond forcibly docks with and raids the attacked ship. ———————————- This is my entry for SHIPtember 2019. I got two more catamaran boat hulls from O Wingård earlier this year, and then I decided that I would build a SHIP with them. I experimented with different angels and shapes but finally settled for this. After that the rest of the SHIP just grew around it. This SHIP will be on display in Skærbæk this weekend! Come have a look! 🙂

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