Phantom (from “Titanfall 2”)

It has been awhile since I built a ship from a video game. Which is quite unfortunate since Sci-Fi VTOLs are one of my favourite subjects. They often have very distinct and interesting shapes. And this one is no different: The redesigned Phantom from “Titanfall 2” Even if you played the game you might not have spotted this vehicle. It is sometimes seen flying in the background, but the player never engages with it in any way. Still, it is one of my favourite designs in the game. The winglets and the color-scheme are my personal highlights. I said “redesigned” earlier, because the Phantom from the original Titanfall looked a bit different and I decided to build the newer version here. I used chromed parts for the highlights and a bunch of original LEGO printed parts for the details. Hope you like it!

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